Raft Mountain Skating Club
Clearwater, BC


CanSkate: is Skate Canada's flagship learn-to-skate program, designed for beginners of all ages. When you sign up for CanSkate you will be in a program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development. You will earn badges and other incentives as you learn fundamental skating skills.

Pre-school CanSkate (3-5yrs):  It focuses on participation and basic skill development. Lessons are given in a group format and led by an NCCP certified professional coach.  The certified coach is assisted by trained Program Assistants.  Skaters progress at their own rate and the coach makes sessions active using teaching aids, music and a wide variety of activities that create a fun environment and promote learning.

CanSkate (6yrs+): The CanSkate program focuses on the development of six fundamental movements organized in six stages of learning, with an optional 7th level for skaters who want to move into figure skating. It is for those who want to figure skate, play hockey or who just want to skate for fun. The skills are arranged in progressions, from very simple to the more complex.

CanSkate Hockey Skills (5-7yrs): This CanSkate program will focus on skating backwards, cross-overs, speed drills and more! 

*Junior Development - this program acts as a bridge between CanSkate and StarSkate.  While CanSkate emphasises 'learn-to-skate', the JD Program will introduce skating skills such as jumps, spins, edges, turns & ice dance while working towards the higher CanSkate badges.  The coach must approve registration in this program.

The StarSkate programs offer opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating. Unique in Canada, this program teaches figure skating skills in a group and/or private lesson format in a progressive and sequential manner and includes specifically designed awards and incentives. Skaters have the opportunity to take Skate Canada Tests through a nationally standardized testing system.

Junior StarSkate: This introductory freeskate class is for skaters learning their waltz jump, toe loop, and salchow.  Lessons will also include preliminary dance, stroking and skills instruction.

Intermediat & Senior StarSkate: A freeskate class for skaters learning their loop jump, flip jump and beginning to work on their lutz. Once these skills are mastered, skaters will begin learning their axel & double jumps.

Dance lessons will continue into Jr. & Sr. levels.